George Washington Cemetery. A Nature Garden Habitat!

The George Washington Cemetery attracts nature’s beauty

Modern cemeteries with gardens are an inviting environmental habitat for wildlife, such as the George Washington Cemetery,

(located near the Greenbelt,College park areas of Maryland), that features expansive lawns,gardens, Oak and Holly trees, and three ponds!

A peaceful resting place for love one’s in this garden cemetery and inviting  nature wildlife,  especially migrating birds and butterflies.

Many visitors take photos of their family plots with nature tree surrounds. The Swallowtail Butterflies are a joy to view in summer.

The lawn plots and symmetrical shrub gardens,  one can view many bird species in the spring/ autumn season.

You may sight  Egrets and Herons near the ponds. The garden ponds enhance the growth of much native plant life.

The lilies, reeves, aquatic plants are a  feeding haven for the Geese and the Great Blue Herons catching fish.

I have sighted migrating Warbler’s ,Egret, herons and also American Robins, Northern Cardinals, Catbirds, Mocking Birds, Redwing Black Birds,

perched in the Oak and Holly trees. The shrub gardens ponds attract many of breeding creatures, that nest in boundary trees and  produce young in spring summer..

The Canada Geese wonder the garden lawns of seating monuments, plaques, shrub garden plots and ponds within this beautiful cemetery!

Enjoy my selection of nature images photographed as I have walked the  environment  George Washington Cemetery.

George Washington Cemetery,MD
Tiger Swallowtails
Autumn colored leaves
Monarch Butterfly
Mocking Bird
George Washington Cemetery
Downy Woodpecker
Canada Geese
Painted Lady
Goose and young goslings.
Crafted head stone and flowers
White Tail Deer
Sulphur butterfly
George Washington Cemetery,MD
Female Tiger Swallowtail
Mallard Ducks
Autumn leaves
White pine cone
Goose and goslings
Buckeye butterfly
Heron near the pond edge
Female Cabbage White butterfly

Winter view of the George Washington Cemetery with Canada Geese .

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