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The Exhibit: “The Greenbelt Lake Photographers” at the John Hollingsworth Gallery February 1- 28, 2023.

Exhibition coordinator Graeme Simpson will give a talk every Saturday at 11 am during the month of February. Graeme will cover exhibition preparations, types of display, and also talk about the present exhibition detail about perspective view, color, lighting and…
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Earth Day, The Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

50th Anniversary Celebration of Earth Day, 1970-2020 by Jean Newcomb This Earth Day poster is filled with images of wildlife found in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Today, the Eastern States walking trails that visitors can follow, guide them through acres…
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Earth Day, Buddy Attick Lake Park, Greenbelt, Maryland

Graeme Simpson (photographer) and Jean Newcomb (graphic designer) with fashionable DIY masks (made mandatory during the covid19 pandemic), display commemorative posters from a distance while visiting Greenbelt Lake at Buddy Attick Lake Park.

‘AN EYE ON WILDLIFE’ by photographer Gloria Brown

Gloria Brown’s passion since retirement has been wildlife photography. Her first exhibition is to be held at the John Hollingsworth Gallery located at the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, Maryland. Opening September 1st and ending September 3oth 2019. The…
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Exhibition “Wilderness of the Patuxent”

New Zealand nature and wildlife Photographer Graeme Simpson will exhibit his photographs at the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, the Hollingsworth Art Gallery, November 3rd to 30th, 2018. All framed photos will be donated to the Friends of the…
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George Washington Cemetery. A Nature Garden Habitat!

The George Washington Cemetery attracts nature’s beauty Modern cemeteries with gardens are an inviting environmental habitat for wildlife, such as the George Washington Cemetery, (located near the Greenbelt,College park areas of Maryland), that features expansive lawns,gardens, Oak and Holly trees, and…
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Smithsonian National Zoo Bird Center rebuild

Looking forward to the  2017 rebuild of the Bird Center at the Smithsonian National Zoo!  The Smithsonian National Zoo is located in Washington DC. Free admission creates high volumes of tourists from all States and international visitors! So if you are planning…
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Lake Artemesia, Maryland

A photography trip to Lake Artemesia where attractions include cycling, running, recreation fishing, bird watching, and walking trails that connect to Anacostia Tributary Trails of Indian Creek. Sealed pathways surround the lake edge where many signs describe the history and animals, especially…
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Parks of the of Boston Area, Massachusetts (Part 2)

Boston Common and The Public Garden Boston Common embraces a rich history, founded in 1634. In 1836 the City established a fenced boundary with gates, and now noted to be the oldest city park in the United States.Today the garden…
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