‘AN EYE ON WILDLIFE’ by photographer Gloria Brown

Gloria Brown’s passion since retirement has been wildlife photography. Her first exhibition is to be held at the John Hollingsworth Gallery located at the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, Maryland. Opening September 1st and ending September 3oth 2019.

The exhibit will feature woodpeckers, herons, migrating birds, and animals. An insight to creatures viewed as Gloria takes her daily walks with camera in hand visiting  the Greenbelt and College Park areas. Her  favorite destinations are Buddy Attick Lake Park and Lake Artemesia and she often has her photos published in the local newspapers and park newsletters. Photos to be displayed also include birds and animals at North Point State Park, Backwater National Wildlife Refuge, and North Beach Maryland. 

Gloria’s  photos will be for sale and every Wednesday and Saturday will be available at her exhibit from 10.30 am to 12.00 to welcome viewers to her display. Enjoy viewing  her work in this online gallery.

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  1. Odell Fellows

    Although I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, I can see the great pictures you take. I also have a passion for photographing birds. I hope I can open an exhibition to share them with everyone soon.


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