Urban Parks

Earth Day, The Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

50th Anniversary Celebration of Earth Day, 1970-2020 by Jean Newcomb This Earth Day poster is filled with images of wildlife found in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Today, the Eastern States walking trails that visitors can follow, guide them through acres…
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Earth Day, Buddy Attick Lake Park, Greenbelt, Maryland

Graeme Simpson (photographer) and Jean Newcomb (graphic designer) with fashionable DIY masks (made mandatory during the covid19 pandemic), display commemorative posters from a distance while visiting Greenbelt Lake at Buddy Attick Lake Park.

Woodside Urban Park, MD

WOODSIDE URBAN PARK in Silver Spring was established in 1889. This is my feature of a small city park environment that encourages all generations to enjoy everything wonderful about nature in a fun playground garden. There is a prominent plaque…
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