Earth Day, The Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

50th Anniversary Celebration of Earth Day, 1970-2020 by Jean Newcomb

This Earth Day poster is filled with images of wildlife found in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Today, the Eastern States walking trails that visitors can follow, guide them through acres of woodland and open areas of recreation where they can enjoy pollinator gardens and family-friendly outdoors adventures. People come to see the Wildlife, especially during bird migrations that change with the seasons.

Animals such as red foxes, squirrels and chipmunks can be seen raising their young, along with birds nesting in shady trees in spring, while summer months bring birdsong and the warmth of summer days that encourage visitors to sit and read a book. Grassy fields invite young and old to run free, and even fly a kite… where reconnecting with nature can also mean spotting a beaver swimming by or turtles sunning in the water lilies.

Jean Newcomb designed the Earth Day posters and operated the Butterfly Sky Stained Glass Studio as an Artist in Residence at the Greenbelt Community Center upon retirement.  

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