An exhibition: “A Celebration of Hummingbirds”

At the Green Spring Gardens Historic House by Capital Hummingbird Photographers.
I have included one of my hummingbird photos in this exhibition.

Title: “A yellow pollen face”

Photographed June 2010 by Nature Wildlife photographer Graeme Simpson, a visit to the Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract.

Description: A female Ruby-throated Hummingbird in feed on the Coral Honeysuckle Vine flowers.

Graeme’s challenge captured this nectar feeding bird with use of his contemporary film camera and the manual focus telephoto lens. The Ruby throated Hummingbird approaching the coral honeysuckle flower.

To revisit an era from the 1970’s with camera in that time frame, the anxious wait of processing the film, and to see the highlighted image of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird in flight.

My 2010 capture influenced the photo to be in a contemporary dark colored rose/black frame. I did cut a double matt window inlay. Frame size 16 x 20″ inside matt 10.5 x 14″.

The print in contrast is a digital print scanned from a film transparency.

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