Woodside Urban Park, MD

WOODSIDE URBAN PARK in Silver Spring was established in 1889. This is my feature of a small city park environment that encourages all generations to enjoy everything wonderful about nature in a fun playground garden. There is a prominent plaque of Harry Sanders connection to this wonderful park honoring his commitment to community.
Woodside was acquired in 1973 by the M-NCPPC  In  2010 Montgomery County Department with input from Silver Spring community created a modern playground with a tennis court, basketball court, handball courts, and skate Park.
Also improvements to this nature park with picnic tables, benches, and small seat tables near play game courts and grassed settings. I believe the Park Development Division of the Montgomery County Department of Parks has created  wonderful concepts of planning for Woodside Park.  I hope it also takes note of the micro wildlife habitat within the park as improvements continue..

During the week young families visit in mornings and afternoons and enjoy the play picnic areas. Local bus transport stops on the park entrance of Georgia Ave. Also car parking both sides of Spring street makes for easy park access. Local office people take advantage of the outdoors for lunch as do many senior folk that walk the wonderful park of flora, sculpture, and view a striking designed fountain. Many locals just read books and news in such an ideal setting. After school and weekends youth and families make use of the sport facilities and always a picnic attraction of leisure for locals. Many visit with dogs on leash. The area is such that the design portrays largeness yet is a confined area of 2/3 Acres. I sighted many creatures within the habitat of the trees and native garden flora.

 Flora. Ascetically mature trees shaded the park landscape such as the White Oak, Eastern White Pine, Eastern Birch, Ginkgo Tree, Eastern Hemlock, Eastern Burning Bush, Yellow poplar, Red Maple, American Basswood, Sweet Gum, European Larch, Roughleaf Dogwood,  Oaks, and grand old American Holly.
Amazingly are large variety of plants were in flower including common wildflowers. A nice red Dahlia, Foxtail bristle grass, Hydrangea, Also native plant species Chrysogonum Virginianum, Muhlenbergia, Rudbeckia fulgida deamii, Gaura lindheimeri, Vaccinium angustifolium, and Penstemon digitalis -Husker Red. Too many long named species to recall but such a beautiful sight of color.

Fauna. The animals, birds, and the little creatures are there to see if one looks closely on tree bark and on the flowers being pollinated as the creatures moved around the park. I photographed  Annual Cicadas,  Leaf hoppers,  squirrels, a praying mantis, ants, spiders, American Robin, Mocking Bird,Northern cardinals and even geese made a short early morning visit .
Early in the morning, A skipper moth, Cabbage butterflies, a Buckeye butterfly,  Swallowtail, Skipper, and Carpenter and Honey bees.

Photos. I have created a 3D Gallery of Woodside. I hope people in the USA will cherish these micro nature  habitats of local parks, especially for our young to enjoy nature and outdoor activities!

A beautiful garden Woodside post
The Modern playground
Young families at slides
 The Juggler, family enjoying the Sculpture!
Ready to play ball.
Woodside Fountain
Park trees surround the walk way garden.
Woodside Tennis Court
Racket in hand
Fountain foreground
Enthusiactic turn Skate .
Jumping high
Basket Ball Fun
A Great old oak tree of woodside.
Lunch in the park
Red Dahlia
Foxtail yellow bristle grass
A beautiful flower (unknown)
Northern Cardinal
Salvias flowers
The Juggler, reading the Plaque.
Leaves with berries
Lady Penzance. An Old Rose with A Modern Look?
Wonderful American Holly
American Robin
Annual Cicadas
Another wide leaf flower, unknown
Annual Cicadas
Large Oaks overview Woodside park.
Flowering Black Eyed Susans
Plant Hopper
Beautiful majestic trees
Cabbage butterfly on leaf
Flower Spiderwort
Aster flower
Yellow Poplar Tree
Silky Ant in your face micro.
Maple Leaf
American Holly
Carpenter bee pollinating flower
Flower fly
Flower fly closeup
Bee pollinating salvias
Weed flower with dew drop
Leaf and bark
Flower Black Eyed Susan
The Ginkgo leaf and tree bark
Yellow flower unknown
In the basket
Gray Cat Bird
Chestnut Leaf in contrast lighting
Woodside Fall colors
Star-leaved Gum
Clover flower
Eastern Hemlock Cone
Gum from Oak tree.
Eastern Hemlock branch.
Eastern Hemlock Cone
Yellow flower
Eastern White Pine
Spruce cone
Smooth edge Aster
White Wood Asters
Mushroom in splendor color.
Squirrels at play
Local Dove
squirrel in evening light
squirrel feeding on nuts
Goldfinch on cone flower
Squirrel feeding
Geese walking the park
 A Buckeye butterfly

A wonderful array of garden color that surrounds the post illustrating the year 1889.
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