Parks of the Boston area (Part 1)

My last visit to the greater Boston area included photographing two landmark parks that have such profound history. My images reflect the colorful environment of ‘The Public Gardens’, of Boston Common in Tulip season. Include monuments with over views of garden pathways in spring. In contrast a visit to City of Waltham’s Prospect Hill.  A dramatic wilderness nature park of diverse landscapes of flora and fauna that include historic sites.

Prospect Hill, Waltham, Massachusetts

Prospect Hill Park is an interesting elevated nature area with over views from the City of Waltham to the greater Boston area. The spectacular topography of the park encourages hikes through meadows, woodlands with rock formations, that date back to the Triassic Era and trail walks to the historic landmarks. This natural environment is the wildlife habitat for small creatures and perfect greenery for butterflies, birds, and insects.

This PDF trail map provides an outline of points of interest. The walks take in breath taking sights of tall Pine trees, flowering plants, and creeks that bring life to the 252 acre landscape. the area includes historic sites such as a hospital cemetery. The park has two Summits of view point, ‘Little Prospect’, outlooks to the Boston Basin and Reservoir river ways. ‘Big Prospect’, (at 485 feet), presents the feature overview of the Boston City Skyline.

Since 1892 Prospect Hill has been an important community landmark which was returned to the City of Waltham after use by the United States Air Force starting from1952. The  planned restoration projects, developing  including picnic areas, camp sites, and recreation trails to enjoy the park. These Websites provide a comprehensive history. Prospect Hill is managed by Parks Department, this is a wonderful recreation area for the City. Also interest with Meet Up Group.

Following: Gallery view,  “Prospect Hill Park” .

Prospect Hill
Woodland in spring
Rock Stegosaurus Like
Stegosaurus Rock on the Dinosaur Trail
Bolder man
Mallard profile
Turtles sunbathing
Moss and Lichen
Pink Flower buds
Pink Flower buds
Bracken Fungi
Rock shaped chelonia turtle
Hairy cap Moss
Rock and roll
Bold Rock
Like sulfur dust lichen
Wood duck
Rock and fern
Tyrannosaurus rex
Woodland Redpines
Red Shoulder Hawk
Long Leaf Pine needle
Boston City view
Unknown flower
Woodland views
Woodlands and Lily of the valley
Big Prospect Summit
Rocks and Woodlands
Lichen and Fern
Long Leaf Pine
Unknown wild flower with rye grass
Wild vines
Unknown Flower
Ferns and lichen
Red Pine and Long leaf pines
Long Leaf Pine
American Robin
Western Painted Turtle
Mallard Ducks
Eastern White Pine cone
Wild group of white flower
prospect Hill Main road trail
At forest edge
Large rock and oaks to background
Moth nicely camouflaged
American Robin
wild plants
Painted Lady
Cambridge Reservoir
Painted Lady
Leaf butterfly
Woodlands and Pine cones
Woodland walks
Swallowtail feeding
Rocks of the forest
Moth resting
Walking the woods
Red Pine Bud
Bolder Rock
Oak trees
Contrast of trees.
Red Pine Bud
Young Red Pine
Bracken Fungi
New leaf growth
Fern in unfolding growth.
Prospect Hill Flora
Looks like an old Oak
Big Prospect view
Big Prospect view
Cemetery Boundary wall
Tree Sparrow
Canada Mayflower
Wild Vine
Wild Vine
Canada Mayflower
Celandine flower
Wild Vine
Wild Vine
Flies on a leaf
Wild Vine
American Lily of the valley
Wild Vine
Sessile Bellwort
Junco with fly
Sessile Bellwort
Male SpiceBush Swallowtail
Eastern Eyed Click Beetle
Boston City at view
Swamp Rabbit run
Giant Swallowtail
Black Widow
Ferns and bark
Cambridge Reservoir
Cambridge Reservoir
Cambridge Reservoir
A leaf bud
Wetland plants
Rock and fern


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