Parks of the of Boston Area, Massachusetts (Part 2)

Boston Common and The Public Garden

Boston Common embraces a rich history, founded in 1634. In 1836 the City established a fenced boundary with gates, and now noted to be the oldest city park in the United States.Today the garden park invites leisure activities, sports, events, and a traditional venue for protests, reflecting the history of the ‘The Common’. Each year the Boston City celebrates the parks seasons of flowers in spring, summer greenery to autumn colors and later the cloak of winter snows.  The sculptures and memorials in the gardens are large in stature. Many people use the monument steps for rest and leisure reading. Visitors enjoy the area for biking, walking, boating, and planned event activities.

The Public Garden was established in 1837 when philanthropist Horace Gray petitioned for the land to create the first botanic garden in the United States. Entering the ‘Common’ in springtime you are overwhelmed with flowers in full color, especially the Tulip beds. Permanent flower plantings include roses, bulbs, and flowering shrubs. Garden beds parallel to the central pathways are replanted throughout the year with seasonal flowers from mid-spring through early autumn. Large planted trees include the Weeping Willows around the banks of the lagoon. The European and American Elms shadow the garden’s pathways with the presence of mature trees such as the California Redwood, Dawn Redwood, Ginkgo trees, European Beeches, and Horse Chestnut Trees, and least 30 more sighted from pathways.  Plantings come from nurseries of Boston City Franklin Park. Supported by the friends of the Public gardens.

Following: Gallery view, “Boston Common and the Public Gardens”.

Entrance Founders memorial to the Common.
Lagoon shadowed by rich colored Tulips
George Washington on horse
The Public Garden Pathways
Lagoon Willows and Elms
Boston The Public Gardens Swan Boat
Mute Swan arching feathers
Mallard Ducks in Courtship
Founders entrance way to the Common.
The Public Gardens
George Washington monument
The Public Garden Tulip Beds
Bicycle Riding in a row.
Edward Everett Hale statue by Bela Lyon Pratt
The Common expansive lawnentrance ways.
Industry Sculpture
A majestic giant
Beacon Street view
Learning, Parkman Plaza
Red Tulips
Tulip Virbrant Purple Cubed
Rose garden and Washington Monument
Colorful yellow, view towards the Lagoon
George Washington monument
Walking the gardens
Boston Common lawn
Yellow Cubed Tulips
The Washington Monument
Make Way For The Ducklings "1987"
Early morning light on the lagoon
Red Cubed Tulips
Leisure reading
White Cubed Tulips
Colorful Tulips
Tulips, Elms and lagoon.
Tulip Red Yellow Cubed
Outlook from Tulip Beds.
Fringed Petal Tulip
Pathway to the Founders entrance.
"Red yellow Cubed"
Flower garden entrance at Tremont street
Colorful Single Tulip
Swan Boat at the public gardens
Mute Swan preening
Swan Boat
Mute swan
Edward Everett Hale, Boston
Bicycle Riding
Red white hybrid
A trio of color
Tulip with open view of stamen
Common Entrance
Mans best friend
The Boston Common Soldier and Sailer monument.
The Boston Common Soldier and Sailer monument.
The Soldier and Sailer Monument
Top Statue of Soldier and Sailer Civil War Memorial
Religion Statue, Parkman Plaza.
Tremont Street View

There are many street entrances to the Common and The Public Gardens.
Some gates have elaborate bronze plaques illustrating the Parks history in block stone surrounds.


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