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Exhibition “Wilderness of the Patuxent”

New Zealand nature and wildlife Photographer Graeme Simpson will exhibit his photographs at the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, the Hollingsworth Art Gallery, November 3rd to 30th, 2018. All framed photos will be donated to the Friends of the…
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Smithsonian National Zoo Bird Center rebuild

Looking forward to the  2017 rebuild of the Bird Center at the Smithsonian National Zoo!  The Smithsonian National Zoo is located in Washington DC. Free admission creates high volumes of tourists from all States and international visitors! So if you are planning…
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Photography Assignment to New Zealand

American Kathleen Brader will journey to New Zealand, to be honored with the New Zealand Order of Merit for Kiwi Conservation,  also visiting Kiwi habitat, bird reserves, and Zoos. A highlight is to attend the Alexander Turnbull Library to donate…
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