Brown Kiwi Koa, Nocturnal feeding the New Zealand Kiwi is an endangered bird.

It is amazing creature with very special characteristics.The female produces a very large egg for body weight. The egg incubates for approximately 70 days which the smaller male takes on this task. The Kiwi bird emerges from the shell fully feathered and can be self feeding. It does not imprint like other birds. It has a keen sense of smell. The kiwi can swim. They mate for life as a rule.They are of the North Island. Eats a variety of insects and worms. Lives 20- 40 years approx. Kiwi fossils have been dated at 42 million years. Kiwi had no predators for those years so they remained as they are today. Kiwi can stand a varied temperature climate from snow on both Islands to conditions of tropical weather of the Northland province. Kiwi are now at risk from predators of introduced animals. Maori weave the collected moult feathers into cloaks.

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