Visiting Assateague & Chincoteague

Assateague and Chincoteague Barrier Island
The Barrier Island of Assateague State and National Seashores in the State of Maryland continues to the border of Virginia’s Chincoteague National Refuge. The Visitor Centers have graphic displays of the habitats.The National Parks Pass allows free access.

The famous Wild Horses are the main attraction enhancing the beautiful Barrier Islands. The bicycle trails, walking trails, forests, dunes, and beaches encourage activities of swimming, kayaking, fishing, hiking, wildlife observation. The camping and picnic areas have wonderful dramatic outlooks, especially on the beach.

Both the Assateague and Chincoteague wetlands have raised walk ways to enjoy the dramatic landscapes and shore bird life. I photographed many Wild Horses and marsh animals including Blue Crabs and Pike Fish in shallow waters.

My main Website features an exhibit, ‘The Wild Horses of Assateague‘.

The Assateague Island National Sea shore
An environment of Coastal bays, Salt marsh, and maritime forest walks. Wildlife surrounds you, especially the Wild Horses of Assateague. Very exciting to sight the herd in the forest and road side areas. The salt marshes with a backdrop of Loblolly Pines make for a fine landscape photo. There are many special plant communities and I enjoyed the landscape views of marsh plants, such as Grounsel and Gordgrass at the water’s edge. I also photographed Piping Plovers, Snowy Egrets, Yellow Foot Egret, Tricolor Heron and many Red Winged Blackbirds and Black Backed Gulls. My main Website exhibits ‘The Wild Horses Of Assateague‘.

The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
An amazing habitat of birds and the Chincoteague Wild Horses to photograph.
The Park entrance road guides you to the Herbert Bateman Educational Center. The nearby trail leads to the light House walk and loops back to the road. Onto the Wildlife Loop and the Beach Road to visit the Woodland trail. Last is Toms Cove Visitors Center located at the beach entrance. The expansive beach shoreline is beautiful seascape with bathing and swimming enjoyed all day long.

Toms Cove at the Chincoteague Inlet surrounds the NASA Wallops Island, a National Wildlife Refuge. The right side of the Inlet is Tom’s Cove Hook. This is the inlet entrance to the Chincoteague Bay. I started a walk of the Toms Cove’s Woodland Trail off Beach Road. I was just so lucky to photograph at distance the Red Headed Woodpecker, only two known pair breeding within Chincoteague.

I walked the Snow Goose Pool Wildlife loop area and after 3pm drove the loop. Photographed the Glossy Ibis and Egrets and many small birds, also Pike fish and Blue crabs in Swan Cove pool. Sighted Wild Chincoteague Horses in the Woodland Trail.

A selection of Wildlife images.


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